Welcome to Young
Adults Transformation Academy
Develop and Enrich Young Adults with skills and values to lead the world for the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Learn More
Welcome to Young
Adults Transformation Academy
Promote Academic Achievement, Leadership, and Islamic Values in young adults Learn More
Welcome to Young
Adults Transformation Academy
Develop and Enrich Young Adults with skills and values to lead the world for the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Learn More


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For Youths


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YAT Academy is an Islamic-based Tutoring Institution that provides Islamic Ethics, Madrasa Education, Study Abroad Affiliate Services, Internship, Entrepreneurial Development, and Scholarship Assist to university-bound students.

We prepare students to excel as virtuous young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive Islamic curriculum tailored specifically for young adults with enhanced, first-class Qur’anic memorization classes.

Our Mission

To promote academic achievement, leadership, and Islamic values in young adults before admission into higher institutions.

Our Vision

To create opportunities for young adults to grasp, internalize, and practice the virtues that have been established in the holy Quran and to follow the examples of our prophet Mohammed(S.A.W.S).

Life Skills
Qurʼānic Memorization
Entrepreneurship Programmes
Affiliated Universities

Gap Year School

Yat Academy Gap Year School admits kids on holiday, post-secondary school students and young adults prior to the beginning of their career. We help Young Adults realize their career objectives, we teach them Islamic Ethics and Values, how to read the Holy Qurʼān and we also provide peer advisory counseling. Our curricula is designed for the formation of the balanced Muslim personality at three levels: Identity formation, Knowledge and Application

  • Identity Formation
  • Gain Knowledge
  • Apply Knowledge Gained

Tahfeezul Qurʼān

YAT Academy’s Private Tahfeedh ul Quran Programme offers an opportunity for young men and young ladies to memorize the Glorious Quran with emphasis on the proper application of tajweed rules. The Tahfeedh ul Quran Programme provides guidance in an Islamic environment, under the direction of qualified and caring staff. We focus primarily on:

  • Quality Quran Memorization
  • Understanding the Surahs
  • Application of Tajweed rules

Islamiyyah Classes

At YAT Academy we provide a secure Islamic environment where we run private Islamiyyah classes that are flexible for individual improvement for clients within our environment. We provide a holistic approach to Islamic education, supporting the self-improvement of each student spiritually, ethically, socially and culturally by utilizing a special curriculum. Our individual self-improvement special curriculum focuses on three-dimensions that aims to:

  • Lead a good life in this World.
  • Observe regular Prayers (Salat)
  • Achieve positive rewards in the Hereafter.

Entrepreneurship Programmes

YAT Academy’s Entrepreneurship Program provides participants with the Tools and Frameworks required to Create and Launch a New Startup. Focused on creating and disseminating groundbreaking knowledge, concepts, and tools for developing initiative. Our course work covers building blocks for ideation, building innovative business models, venture funding, strategy, product development, entrepreneurial marketing leadership and social entrepreneurship. Students also apply classroom learning by participating in YAT Academy’s internship programs.

  • Ideation – Business Incubation
  • Venture Funding – Business Acceleration
  • Leadership – Startup Enterprise

Study Abroad Services

YAT Academy makes study abroad services accessible to everyone who wants it. We make your study abroad experience hassle-free, and affordable. We are directly in partnership with most study abroad agents of schools in China, Malesia, Cyprus, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. We would aid you with up to date reviews, guides, articles, and program matching services to help you find the best study abroad program out there. An international education enhances your academic performance, international exposure promotes language-learning and cross-cultural immersion, expands your network, enhances your academic performance and offers more career opportunities.

  • Study Abroad Consultancy
  • Tuition & Travel Arrangement
  • Scholarship and Funding

YAT Academy FAQs

Why Attend YAT Academy

YAT Academy is a private yet affordable Islamic gap year school that offers a stimulating curriculum that encompasses Islamic-based tutoring services, madrasa education, study abroad affiliate services, internship, entrepreneurial development training, and scholarship assist to university-bound students.

What benefits do I get from YAT Academy Gap Year School

The benefits of taking a gap year in YAT Academy blends across multiple areas. We would help our scholars become better practicing Muslims, have a better grasp on what they want to study, improve their earning and business potentials and and also improve their academic outcomes such as GPA when they get to the University.

Where is YAT Academy located

YAT Academy is located at No 7 Ibeju Lekki Street,
in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi

Working Hours

  • Monday to Thursday 8:15 – 18:30
  • Friday 8:15 – 13:00
  • Saturday & Sunday 9:35 – 17:20
  • Holidays 15:00 – 18:00

Get in Touch

    “YAT Academy has provided an extremely supportive platform for children of all ages to learn more about becoming responsible adults the Islamic way, during their holidays, summer break and gap year after school. Their support and commitment to using Islamic content and high-quality education, playing an integral role in the development of Young Adults from the Academy. I consider myself privileged to have had the opportunity to do work with them. ”

    _Abdullahi Balarabe Malik,

    Parent / Consultant
    African man holding a miswak (traditional teeth cleaning twig)
    “ Alhamdulillah, Joining the YAT Academy Team is the best decision I have made. Through the Gap Year and Entrepreneurship program, we have been able to transform young adults and prepare them for the future.  ”

    Abdulganiyu Bello

    Young african man.
    “ In 2019 my son at 16 was a part of one of the pioneer classes of the school when it initially started. Although I was a little frightening initially, Gap Year School for my son was a conscious and a calculated decision for me. Whatever doubts I had were squashed soon after just two months, my son was no longer carefree, his attitude changed and this gave me the assurance that he was ready for the University. ”

    _Ismail Babajide Ishola,

    “ The Instructors I’ve encountered are all personal mentors, helping me in every aspect and personal questions I have about Islam and the school. They have done far more than just educate and transform young adolescents – they have motivated and inspired me also to become a better person. I would strongly encourage other parents to bring their wards here. ”

    _Mr. Abdulkareem,

    Pioneer Parent
    Confident man calling with self phone
    “ Alhamdullilah, for a time well spent at YAT Academy, I was able to learn a lot and also I achieved a lot at the Academy. ~ Jazakallah Khairan. ”

    Balogun Opeolu Saheed

    Student / Entrepreneur
    “ Studying at YAT Academy generated new challenges, both expected and unexpected. I have learned how to become a better person. Being here has also given me a newfound confidence in my ability to work hard, multitask and handle stress. I see myself better equipped to adapt to any situation from here. The school has a well-established youth centre that ensured education was delivered by well-trained Scholars ”

    Amina O. Ajibade

    Pioneer Student

    Transforming Young Minds

    YAT Academy
    24 Hours
    YAT Academy is an Educational Institution that imparts knowledge and wisdom into young minds, with a desire to make them become innovative, open-minded, and socially responsible citizens with ideal qualities of Integrity, trustworthiness, and compassion.